My Dream Job


My dream job is to one day work in the gaming industry. Specifically, with an e-sports organization or in a game studio. I have always had a passion for gaming as a young kid. It has always been something that has kept me occupied and content and I would love to one day fulfill that dream and make my dream job a reality.

I’m not quite sure what the future holds, however I hope it holds something that I have dreamt of doing. As for an ideal position, I can’t really figure out specifically which one I aspire to get in the future. I am thinking about doing UI/UX designs for video game interfaces and have also thought about logo design. Video editing is also something that I am interested in as well, whether that be editing trailers or clips for social media or montages.

Another field of interest that peaks my interest is AI. It interests me as to how this new technology can change graphic design as a whole in the future. I am particularly curious as to how filling in a prompt to a software can affect and potentially change my career path.

Currently, I am in a spot where I am not sure which field of design I would like to pursue, whether it be web design, video editing, logo design, UI/UX design or graphic design. As mentioned previously, I have a few ideas, such as UI, logo design and video editing. These are a few of the options that I have right now, but this could change fairly quickly.