About Ethan Armstrong

Who am I?

As of writing this I am currently a Graphic and Web Design student at John Abbott College looking for further opportunities to hone new skills and develop myself as a designer. Graphic design has been something that has always stood out for me, especially from when I was younger. I tend to focus my style of design on simplicity, legibility, effectiveness, and content. However, I am very capable of catering to whatever the design requires.

Outside of design, I personally enjoy watching and playing soccer. Ever since I was very young I have always had a passion for the sport. I started playing when I was 3 years old, and since then I have won many trophies and personal accolades at a competitive level. I also have a deep interest with video games. I have grown up playing games like Pokémon and Football Manager, and have lately integrated myself within the Smash Bros. community, by helping organize local tournaments at John Abbott College.

What the Future Holds

After I have graduated and have completed my stage, I will be returning to college for another year to finish off my other studies. During this time I plan to find some part time design work on the side before I begin to integrate myself into the work force. My ideal career choices would be working with an e-sports organization, within the video game industry, or with a sports team creating and designing various graphics and logos, or alternatively to become a video editor. However, I am also open to accepting new opportunities and offers should they arise. I am looking forward to working with you!